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You may be diligent about regularly cleaning and removing dust from your home, but with all the people coming and going, day in and day out, dust, bacteria, and allergens can quickly accumulate in your office building or commercial building as well.

Over time, dust and allergens can have a negative impact on your health and comfort and the health and comfort of your employees and customers, and even lead to higher HVAC bills. But C&C Chimney can help.

We’ve been providing thorough, mess-free commercial and office air duct cleaning services to Tulsa and the neighboring areas for years, and we have the tools, systems, and experience needed to leave you with cleaner, fresher, healthier air.

When & Why Should You Have The Air Ducts In Your Commercial Building Or Office Cleaned?

Here at C&C Chimney, we recommend having your air ducts cleaned every two to three years, although that’s just a general rule of thumb. You may need to have yours cleaned more or less frequently, depending on the type of business you operate, the amount of traffic your business sees, and other factors. If you’re unsure about scheduling, just give us a call and we can help you figure out a cleaning frequency that makes sense for your business.

Why have your air ducts cleaned at all? Here are three of the biggest reasons it’s worth the investment:

Commerical Air Duct Cleaning - Before with Plastic water bottle and bottle caps And After very nice and clean ductwork

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

#1 Better Health, Better Business & Better Productivity

The air in your office building is recirculated by your HVAC system multiple times in a given day. And because of the high traffic that commercial buildings and office buildings see, the air being circulated by your air ducts likely contains a lot of dust, allergens, and other particles that irritate respiratory systems. Naturally, this can negatively impact your team and your customers.

As far as your staff goes, it can be hard to focus on what needs to be done when you aren’t feeling well, and ultimately, poor health leads to lower productivity and more sick days. Work shouldn’t be making your team sick. That’s a lose-lose, because your employees will suffer and your business will suffer.

What about your customers? Whether you run a restaurant, a retail store, or some other type of commercial space, if your customers don’t feel their best or enjoy being there, they won’t stay long and they likely won’t come back.

Make sure your team and your customers feel good coming in by having your commercial air ducts routinely cleaned by the professionals here at C&C Chimney.

#2 Heating & Cooling Savings

By having your commercial air ducts regularly cleaned, you can actually save money on your heating and cooling bill as well. This is because your furnace and the air ducts will be free of buildup, dust, and debris that could reduce the efficiency of the entire system. Investing in this service every two to three years can save you money every year!

#3 A cleaner space that’s easier to maintain

Dust can accumulate quickly, and this can be especially true in a large, commercial space. Unfortunately, whether you’re paying your hourly staff to dust in between other tasks or you have a cleaning service, the cost of cleaning, dusting, and maintaining your space can quickly add up.

By investing in air duct cleaning services, you can help reduce the amount of dust and other particles being distributed throughout your space, so your space is easier (and cheaper) to maintain.

What Types Of Commercial Buildings Do We Service?

Worried we can’t service your commercial building or office space? Don’t be! We extend our services to apartment complexes, housing complexes, retail stores, restaurants, churches, schools, office buildings, and just about every other type of commercial building. No job is too big for our team. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained in proper access and methods for cleaning and sanitizing commercial ductwork of all kinds.

What’s The Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process Like With C&C?

We know that when it comes to business, the less disruption, the better. That’s why we work fast and expertly to get the job done without mess or stress. From laying out drop cloths to sealing registers, we do everything possible to prevent mess and stress for our customers. We can even arrange to clean your air ducts after business hours if need be.

Here’s a quick walk-through of what the process looks like:

Step One:

First, we hook up our large HEPA vacuum to the ductwork at the furnace, with a 12” hose. Then, we seal off every heating and cooling register and return in the business.

The vacuum we use is incredibly powerful, and designed specifically for this type of work. Because of the HEPA filter, even the smallest air contaminants and particles are safely captured by the vacuum, so you can breathe easy.

Step Two:

Once the hose is connected to the ductwork and all of the vents have been sealed up, we start the vacuum, which creates a very powerful suction force throughout the duct system. But it’s not this suction power alone that guarantees an effective duct cleaning.

Step Three:

With the vacuum running, we go to each individual register, blow it off, and insert an air whip system into each vent. This air whip system travels through each part of the ductwork and activates the dirt and debris in the ductwork, gently knocking it loose.

Once loose, the suction of the outside-mounted vacuum pulls the debris out of the ductwork, leaving your air ducts clean and clear. Sounds like a lot of power, huh? It is! But don’t worry, the power to run these cleaning tools comes from a large compressor, which is left outside of the business.

Step Four:

Once this process has been done from both sides of the ductwork (both the supply and return sides) and the entire system is clean, we then sanitize the entire ductwork system. To do this, we use an EPA-approved product known as OXINE, which is applied through a fogging action with the vacuum still running. The vacuum pulls the OXINE through all of the areas of the ductwork, killing many pollutants that may be living and growing inside the ductwork – it smells great too!

Why Trust C&C For The Job?

  • We don’t skimp on prep and we guarantee a thorough job. We count all of the vents and returns in the building, locate and clean the furnace (the A-coil, the fan, the burners, and the motor), lay down drop cloths, and cover and clean each vent and return as we go through the business.
  • We guarantee no mess and as little disruption to your business as possible.
  • Our technicians take great pride in their work and are committed to your safety and satisfaction.
  • We can work around or after your business hours if need be.
  • We’re part of ISNetworld, which is a contractor resource for commercial and big businesses. They “connect hiring clients with safe, reliable, and sustainable contractors and suppliers around the globe…” In order to be a part of ISN, you have to pass strict background checks and meet specific qualifications. In their own words, their “compliance and training tools help hiring clients ensure that contractor employees have the competencies, training, and qualifications required to perform their specified job duties.”
  • We’re NADCA Members. NADCA Members must have at least one certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on their staff; they must carry liability insurance for your safety and peace of mind; and they must adhere to NADCA’s cleaning standards and NADCA’s Code of Ethics. As NADCA Members, we serve with integrity, accuracy, and honesty, and we always treat the problem at the source – guaranteed.

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Ask us about our residential air duct cleaning to improve appliance efficiency and safety. It’s an important part of our comprehensive air duct cleaning services.