We Offer C-DET Certified Dryer Vent Cleaning Services To The Greater Tulsa Area

Did you know that you should have your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis? But not just by anyone. It’s important to have a C-DET Certified professional cleaning and maintaining your dryer vents. The team here at C&C Chimney is C-DET Certified, and we’ve cleaned hundreds of dryer vents in the Tulsa area. 

What Can Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Vents

  • Increased utility costs due to restricted airflow
  • Damage to expensive clothing
  • Overheating that can result in a dryer fire
  • Longer drying times in excess of 45 minutes
  • Dangerous fumes in your home or commercial property
  • Shortened clothes dryer service life

Cleaning your vents not only means a reduced risk of house fire, but you’ll most likely experience faster dry times, which can save you time and money! If you are experiencing long dry times, a hot dryer or hot clothes, burning smells, or excess lint, then don’t wait. Give us a call today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning! Our friendly staff are standing by to help!