There were nearly 17,000 dryer fires within the last year, and dirty or clogged vents were the main cause. Fortunately, dryer fires are easily preventable with regular vent cleaning and maintenance. In addition to excellent chimney services, C&C Chimney provides dryer vent services to the Tulsa, OK area! Read below to learn more about dryer vent cleanings, then give us a call at (918) 396-8296 to Dryer Vent Cleaningschedule an appointment!

Signs of a Clogged Dryer Vent

Generally, dryer vent cleanings are recommended on an annual basis but may be required more frequently depending on your dryer’s level of usage. There are many telltale signs of a clogged dryer vent. For example, your vent is clogged if your clothes take longer than normal to dry or come out excessively hot. Clogged vents also create burning smells or other odors emanating from your dryer and an excessive amount of lint in the trap or on your clothes. Finally, clogged vents overheat your dryer and cause the vent hood to close during a cycle.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

Regular dryer vent cleanings have a variety of benefits. Clogged vents are not only major fire hazards, but also cause your dryer to operate much less efficiently. When your dryer works more efficiently, your energy bill significantly decreases. After a vent cleaning, your clothes also dry faster. Additionally, regular vent cleanings extend the life cycle of your dryer and protect from fire, smoke, and pollutants. When a professional from C&C Chimney cleans your dryer vent, you will notice benefits immediately!

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