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There’s no more important point of concern for the safety and performance of your fireplace than the chimney. A dirty chimney restricts the draw of air, reducing your fireplace’s ability to vent carbon monoxide and smoke to the outside of your home.

Routine cleaning of your chimney will remove any buildup of creosote and any blockages in the flue, greatly reducing your chance of chimney fire — but how do you know when those routine cleanings are needed? And how do you know if something isn’t working right in your chimney and fireplace, or if animals, birds, or leaves are clogging your chimney? The answer is: an annual chimney inspection.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends annual inspections for every single chimney, even if it’s not used. Whether you have a wood stove, a gas fireplace, a pellet insert, or another type of appliance, it doesn’t matter! Chimney inspections should be on your “To Schedule” list each and every year.

What will we check during an inspection? It depends on which level of inspection we’re performing.

Level 1 Inspections

If you’ve been really good about keeping up with annual inspections and maintenance, you might only need a level 1 chimney inspection. If that’s the case, we’ll visually check the following:

  • the flue, using lights and mirrors
  • the chimney cap and crown
  • the damper
  • the smoke chamber
  • the firebox
  • the flashing
  • and the chimney stack itself

If it’s readily accessible and it doesn’t require special tools or equipment, we’ll check it.

These inspections are standard with cleanings.

Chimney Inspections

Level 2 Inspections & Video Scans

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you’re selling your home, you’ve had a chimney fire or malfunction, you’re relining the flue, or you’re changing hearth appliances, a level 2 inspection will be more appropriate. In fact, in these instances, a level 2 inspection is required. This is an inspection that includes a video scan of the chimney system, including each of these components:

  • the flue
  • the chimney cap and crown
  • the damper
  • the smoke chamber
  • the firebox
  • the flashing

We’ll evaluate every accessible area of the chimney system, and will need access to the roof, the attic, and the crawlspace.

The purpose of the video scan is to allow us to see every area we need to see, in order to determine if the chimney is properly built, capable of containing a chimney fire and the byproducts of combustion, and safe for continued use.

Level 3 Inspections

If you have a problem that we can’t get to the bottom of without removing portions of the chimney or home, we may recommend a level 3 chimney inspection. Everything in a level 1 and level 2 is included, but as stated, a level 3 can also include some demo work.

What Are We Looking For During An Inspection?

During an inspection, we’re checking to make sure the chimney and hearth appliance is properly installed and connected and that the entire structure is sound. We’re also looking for any damage or signs of leaks or buildup. Of course, if you’ve called about a specific issue or problem, the inspection is our way of troubleshooting the system and pinpointing the origin of the problem.

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If it’s been a year or more since your last chimney inspection, give C&C Chimney a call at 918-396-8296. Our CSIA-certified experts are trained, knowledgeable, and equipped to do the job right. We’ll let you know if any maintenance, cleanings, or repairs are needed, so you can go into this fall and winter with peace of mind. Call or request an appointment online today.


Chimney cleaning is one the most basic and important chimney and fireplace services we offer. Call today to schedule your next cleaning.

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