Put Leaks To Bed With Professional Flashing Repair

Here in Oklahoma, it seems it’s either storming or we’re in a drought — there is no in between. But when we do finally get much-needed rain, who wants to worry about leaks, water damage, and water stains?

Faulty or poorly installed flashing can have you torn between wanting and needing rain and wanting a dry home. If this sounds like you, it’s time to give C&C Chimney a call. We repair flashing — which is the sheet metal at the chimney base and interwoven with the roof shingles — and seal it using a proven, watertight product called FlashSeal.

Flashing’s sole purpose is to seal and protect the area where chimney and roof meet. Without it, water has a gateway into the home, where it can cause damage and wood rot in attics, and water staining and water damage on ceilings and walls.

Black flashing repair at base of chimney at peak of roof

What Makes Flashing Leak?

  • Bad installation — To be effective, flashing must be smooth, level, and free of gaps and dents. Dents can allow moisture to pool and rust through the metal flashing and gaps provide a passageway for rainwater to enter the home. We know that, you know that, but not everyone out there in the roofing and chimney industries knows that.
  • Bad material — An important factor in the longevity and effectiveness of flashing is material choice. When constructed of a weak galvanized metal, you can expect your flashing to fail prematurely. Strong, rust-resistant stainless steel is a much better (and longer-lasting) material for the job.
  • Damage from strong storms & moisture — Sometimes flashing is installed correctly and made of the right materials, but it still leaks. In many of these instances, the failure is a result of flashing damage from strong storms. Winds, loose branches, and debris may have dented the flashing or lifted it in some areas, allowing water to pool and enter the home.
  • Contraction/expansion and house settling — House settling and contraction/expansion can also cause gaps and create passageways for water to enter flashing.

What Are the Signs of Leaky Flashing?

Your flashing likely needs to be repaired or replaced if you spot signs of moisture or water damage in your attic around the chimney area or on the walls or ceilings surrounding your chimney. Look for things like wood rot and staining.

But you don’t have to play detective if you simply schedule an annual inspection with C&C Chimney. Our CSIA-certified chimney professionals will carefully and thoroughly inspect your chimney system, checking for even the slightest sign of a leak. Should we find faulty flashing to blame for your chimney leak, we’ll provide a long-lasting solution to the problem.

That solution may include the relaying of flashing or we may simply need to seal and waterproof the flashing using FlashSeal.

  • Flashing Installation —When installing new flashing, we use step flashing and counter flashing to ensure long-lasting, effective protection. Step flashing goes at the base of the chimney and runs underneath the shingles, while counter flashing is sealed into the mortar joints on the chimney. Our team uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so you can be confident your new flashing will last and last. We can also install a chimney cricket (a triangle shaped component that diverts water away from the chimney), if needed.
  • Flashing Repair With Our Flashing Sealant— We’re proud to offer a specially formulated flashing sealant that is a great option for repairing flashing that’s in good condition, but simply needs to be sealed. This product carries a 7-year warranty against leaks, and leaves a flexible, waterproof membrane on the flashing itself. Available in brown, black, or white, our flashing sealant is designed to discreetly protect just about any chimney and roof out there.

Our Professionals Are Ready to Help

Ready to protect your chimney and home against flashing leaks? Call C&C Chimney at 918-396-8296 today. Our experienced and courteous chimney professionals will arrive on time and treat you and your home with great respect. After all, our family’s top concern is your family’s satisfaction, safety, and comfort!


Let our professional chimney waterproofing become your first line of defense against expensive, damaging chimney leaks.