Smoky Fireplace? Chimney Problems? The Fix May Be As Easy As Repairing & Restoring Your Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is an area of the chimney and fireplace system that doesn’t get much attention. After all, it’s tucked up above your firebox, and what’s out of sight is often out of mind, right?

But did you know that this funnel-shaped area just below the flue is one of the biggest players in the safety and performance of the entire system? It’s true!

You see, the smoke chamber’s job is to move that smoke and all the byproducts the smoke carries up into the flue so it can be properly expelled through the chimney. It’s shaped like an upside down funnel so that it can do this as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

But smoke chambers can be damaged by the heat and moisture produced by the fire, which can lead to poor performance, smoke backup, creosote production, and in some cases, house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. These are all issues we want to prevent for our clients in Tulsa and the surrounding areas!

How do you know if your smoke chamber is a problem?

Because of its location, the smoke chamber can be difficult to thoroughly evaluate. Most homeowners have better things to do than to crane their necks up into the fireplace on a slower-than-usual day. But even if you did get bored enough to do it, it can be hard to really see what’s going on up there without the proper equipment. You need a closer look…

Here at C&C Chimney, we use video scanning technology to get a good look at the smoke chamber and the rest of the chimney system, and we’ll look for things like this:

  • excessive creosote buildup
  • corbeled masonry
  • cracks, gaps, and rough patches
  • poor construction
  • inadequate clearance from combustibles

All of the above can hinder the safe performance of the smoke chamber and slow the passage of smoke on its way up into the flue.

So what do we do if we find that the smoke chamber is damaged, lined with flammable creosote, or poorly built?

We Repair Dangerous Smoke Chambers Using The Industry’s Most Trusted & Effective Products & Methods

If creosote is the problem, our team can remove it using specialized tools and products. We can even remove third degree glazed creosote, the most dangerous creosote there is, using a product called Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR).

If the smoke chamber is damaged, needs to be reshaped, or needs to be insulated for safety reasons, we can reshape, insulate, repair, and parge the smoke chamber smooth using our specialized smoke chamber coating products.

  • Our first smoke chamber coating product is a great product for smoke chambers that need to be insulated or brought up to local/national building codes. This product is so insulating, it actually prevents both heat and cold transfer, and the product is so durable, it can withstand temperatures up to 2550 degrees F. With this incredible product, your old, dingy, unsafe smoke chamber will be insulated, resurfaced, and good as new in no time.
Chamber Coat Application Before chimney brick with cracks and gaps and After with a white smooth surface
  • Our second insulating chamber coating product is made of refractory mortar. It’s great for strengthening and reshaping the smoke chamber, and can increase both safety and draft. It also prevents heat transfer, so if clearance from combustibles is a concern, this product can put your mind at ease. And better yet, there’s no demo or invasive work required.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Smoke Chamber Parged Smooth?

  • A smooth, insulated, damage-free smoke chamber means a safer system and a lowered risk of house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Parging strengthens the chimney system and can bring most smoke chambers up to current local and national building codes.
  • When the smoke chamber is smooth and free of damage, draft and fireplace performance are improved.
  • Smoke chambers that are parged smooth are able to move smoke more efficiently, which means you can expect a decrease in creosote production and buildup.

Really, if you have any damage in your smoke chamber, you can only benefit from making repairs.

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