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The fireplace is designed to bring warmth and comfort to those in the home, and it’s also designed to be an attractive focal point. But when the firebox is stained with soot, filled with cracks, and in bad shape, it can make the entire fireplace an eyesore.

But looks aren’t the only reason to be concerned about a damaged firebox — there’s also safety to consider.

When cracks form in the walls or floor of the firebox, they can allow heat to transfer and potentially spark a fire outside of the fireplace. Additionally, flammable creosote can form in these cracks, hot ash and stray embers can enter these cracks, dangerous gases can seep through, and all of these scenarios can threaten the safety of the home and make the fireplace unsafe for use.

How Do You Repair Cracks In Fireboxes?

The firebox is the refractory paneling or firebrick area of the fireplace — the area that holds the grate and fire. If you have a masonry fireplace, your firebox should be made of firebrick and refractory mortar. If you have a prefab fireplace or metal insert, your firebox should be made of refractory paneling.

If you’ve noticed cracks in your firebox or an inspection has revealed damage, don’t fret — a brand new fireplace or insert isn’t the only solution. We may be able to simply repair or rebuild your firebox. How we repair fireboxes depends on the type of firebox and the type of damage.

  • If you have a prefab (factory-built) fireplace or metal insert and the refractory side walls, back wall, or floor panels of your firebox are cracked or deteriorating, we can replace them with custom-made, expertly installed refractory panels. How do we ensure a perfect fit? We use your existing refractory panels as a template for the new refractory panels. Once we’ve cut the new panels, we simply install them and secure them into place with the clips that were once holding your old panels in place. Good as new!
  • If you have a masonry firebox and there are cracks in the mortar joints between the firebrick, we may simply fill and seal these cracks using fireclay. This material is designed to resist heat damage and can restore fireboxes with cracks and small gaps. If damage is more extensive and your firebrick has begun crumbling or you have larger issues — like a poorly built or irreparable firebox — we can completely rebuild the firebox using new refractory mortar and firebrick. When we’re done, your new firebox will be beautiful and ready for the next fire.
Before & After repairing a damaged firebox

If your firebox is unattractive and potentially unsafe, give C&C Chimney’s CSIA-certified chimney technicians a call at 918-396-8296 or request an appointment online. We can take a look at your firebox and let you know what we recommend based on your budget and needs.

Give us a call today for prompt and courteous service you can rely on. From our family to yours, we pledge the ultimate customer satisfaction.


If you’re having problems with smoke from your fireplace coming back into your home, it may be time for us to parge the smoke chamber. Check with our chimney relining and repair experts to find out what you need to know.

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