Interested in a Fireplace Upgrade or Changeout for Your Home in Tulsa? We’re Equipped to Help

Does your fireplace or chimney look worn down or outdated? Or maybe it’s breaking down and you’re looking to upgrade? It could even be that you like the look of your system, but are sick of it not functioning as efficiently as you’d prefer.

C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade Before


C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade After


Fireplace before


Fireplace after


What Are Some of My Upgrade Options?

So, what ways can you upgrade your system? Here are some of the more common options homeowners in our service area invest in:

  • Appliance Update: If it’s enhanced efficiency you’re looking for, you might consider adding an insert to your set-up. This allows you to keep your current fuel type and maintain the look of your system, while still getting the heat you’re hoping for. Or, if you’re looking for something with flexible placement options, a stove is a great option too.
  • Fuel Change: Looking to change fuel types? We usually hear this from wood-burning fireplace owners hoping for a fuel that’s less messy and doesn’t involve so much work. Adding a gas insert is a great way to update your fireplace to one that’s easy-to-operate and really delivers in terms of heat.
  • Update Your Gas Logs: Modern gas logs come in a wide range of styles, designs, sizes, and colors, allowing you an easy way to change up the look of your system without making a huge commitment (or spending a ton of money) in the process.
  • Switch to Electric: For some, the big fireplace and chimney set-up just isn’t feasible or something they desire anymore. In these cases, an electric option can be a great way to enjoy the ambiance and heat of a fireplace, just without it taking up a lot of space or time.
  • Invest in an Outdoor Fireplace: Is the update you need an outdoor one? Then, easily enhance your yard with an outdoor fireplace. Our models are built to last, easily customizable, and incredibly efficient. Ask about yours today!
  • Upgrade Your Chimney Parts: Need a new chimney cap or ready to upgrade to a top-sealing damper? No matter which components are breaking down or missing, we can help you out.
C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade and Install
C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade and Install
C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade and Install
C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade and Install
C and C Chimney - Fireplace Upgrade and Install
And sometimes the best way to upgrade is to invest in those repair services you’ve been putting off. We offer masonry repairs and chimney rebuilds, both of which help your system look like new again. We also offer cleanings with Paint “N” Peel. Basically, we can make your fireplace and chimney look like a completely new system with only a few simple services.

Consider a PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System

Many homeowners nowadays are opting to upgrade to a PriorFire system due to their great heat output, heightened efficiency, and clean burning style. These systems are designed to radiate heat into your space by pushing it downward towards the fuel, then back out and into your home.

PriorFire retrofits fit into most fireplaces, offer 2 – 3 times more heat than average masonry fireplaces, and produce tall aesthetically-pleasing flames that all can enjoy. They’re also easy to install, Underwriter Laboratories (UL) approved and listed (with a zero-inch clearance to combustibles), and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

HeatShield PriorFire

Is an Ahren-Fire Restoration System Right for You?

Another great option is an Ahren-Fire restoration system. If you’re not getting heat from your fireplace, constantly find yourself with issues (like a smoky living space), or experience problems due to an improperly sized fireplace system, this may be the right option for you. These are complete systems that can be installed into an existing wood-burning fireplace, and they guarantee a safer, cleaner burn every time.

How does it work? An Ahren-Fire fireplace is installed part by part to give your fireplace an entirely new look and feel. It has a rounded design that ensures older systems are able to radiate heat back into the living space in ways that they weren’t able to before. And it’s built from reliable materials, like stainless steel and mortar, so you know it’ll last.

In the end, you’ll be equipped with a system that’s up to code, works efficiently and safely in your home, and is guaranteed to stand the test of time – can’t beat that.

Reach Out to Our Crew

Our techs are certified, experienced, and educated, so whatever upgrade you invest in, you can rest assured it will be done right. Get started by giving us a call at 918-396-8296 or reaching out online now!