Find What Your Living Space Is Missing In An Outdoor Fireplace

Being outdoors is grounding and energizing, and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the starry sky. Why stay cramped up inside when you can entertain out in the open? More and more homeowners are opting to take the party and the R&R outdoors by adding outdoor living spaces and patios to their homes.

Of course, when the sun goes down and the temperatures start to cool, a little extra ambiance, warmth, and glow can make the experience more enjoyable and allow you to keep the party going and chat late into the night. And while a fire pit can be a nice solution, there’s just nothing like an outdoor fireplace.

Is it time you took a look at the many great options out there?

Shop The Very Best Outdoor Fireplaces Right Here At C&C Chimney

Here at C&C Chimney, we’re proud to sell and install gorgeous outdoor fireplaces from Napoleon. Each model we carry is fueled by gas (natural gas or propane can be used), and can be started up effortlessly.

Outdoor Fireplace
Forget about interrupting the conversation to add more wood to the fire or stoke the fire, and forget about staying up after the guests leave to make sure the fire safely dies out. With a gas outdoor fireplace, there’s nothing to do but relax.

We have small, medium, and large fireplace options, and options that put out 20,000 BTUs of heat, 40,000 BTUs of heat, and 40,001+ BTUs of heat. Choose from modern linear models, zero-clearance models, and see-thru units. No matter how big or small your space, no matter the style or design aesthetic, we’re confident there’s a Napoleon that fits the bill.

Outdoor Fireplace all the way to the chimney with design at the top on porch
Outdoor Fireplace with mantel and tv sitting on mantel
Outdoor Fireplace with small fire with brick around the firebox and stone surround
Outdoor Fireplace with brick around the firebox and stone surround with screen

Why Will You Love Your New Napoleon Outdoor Fireplace?

  • Napoleon outdoor fireplaces are constructed of durable and weather-resistant stainless steel. They’re built to last!
  • Some models feature a glass wind deflector so you can enjoy your fireplace even when it’s windy. Others have a mesh safety screen.
  • These fireplaces feature a safety valve that will turn the gas supply off if the flame goes out.
  • All models are easy to start and operate.
  • Propane gas conversion kits are included.
  • These fireplaces don’t require a chimney, so they can be quickly installed just about anywhere in your outdoor living space.
  • Options include a remote control and a protective cover.
  • Flame and heat are adjustable.
  • These fireplaces are incredibly efficient — we’re talking 99.9%.
  • They’re fully customizable. Options include glass media in different colors, mineral rock kits in different colors, sizes, and shapes, driftwood, gas logs, decorative brick paneling, reflective radiant panels, accent lights, and LED light strips.

Need Assistance Or Installation? C&C Chimney Is At Your Service

If you see something you love or you’d like to learn more about the outdoor fireplaces we sell and install, give us a call! Our team is happy to be of service. We’ll help you compare options and even discuss placement with you to make the entire process easier and less stressful. And when it’s time for the installation, we’ve got you covered.

Extend the time you can enjoy your patio and outdoor living space by adding an outdoor fireplace. Napoleon helps you enjoy those chilly evenings outdoors.

To talk with one of our fireplace experts call 918-396-8296. We look forward to providing you with the ultimate in customer care for the ultimate customer satisfaction.


Regardless of the wood stove, insert or fireplace you want, our sales and installation crews are standing by to make sure you get what’s right for you and your budget.