Tulsa’s Trusted & Certified Chimney Relining & Repair Experts Are At Your Service

Let’s face it: if your chimney and fireplace aren’t in great condition and working harmoniously, you’re not going to have pleasant, smoke-free, hazard-free nights by the fire. A lot can go wrong if there is damage or hidden issues you don’t know about — from house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning to smoke problems and difficulty keeping the fire going — but the team here at C&C Chimney makes chimney repair and maintenance simple.

We’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and led by Oklahoma’s only and first Master Certified Chimney Specialist. There’s truly no aspect of chimney function and safety we don’t know inside and out.

Top view of chimney new steel flue and crown with roof in background
New Chimney Crown And Chimney Cap with scaffolding and trees in the background
So if you’re experiencing problems or an inspection reveals an issue, you can rest assured, with C&C Chimney, you’re in good hands. Our relining and repair specialties include each of these:

  • Chimney Relining — No chimney can operate safely and achieve optimal draft without a properly installed flue liner. Liners are responsible for providing a smooth surface, preventing heat transfer, and for escorting smoke, carbon monoxide, and other byproducts of combustion up and out of the chimney. If the chimney is unlined or the liner is damaged, big issues can arise. Here at C&C Chimney, we know that the liner is going to take a beating over the years, which is why we only reline and resurface with products that are made to stand up to the challenge: stainless steel and HeatShield®.
  • Brick & Masonry Repair & Rebuild — If your masonry chimney or fireplace has started to show signs of age and water damage, investing in repairs now can save you a great deal of money and frustration. Whether you’ve spotted cracks in the mortar joints, flaking brick, water stains, algae growth, or another type of damage, we can help. Our team specializes in tuckpointing, repointing/pointing, and chimney and fireplace rebuilds. We’ll make sure the results are beautiful, strong, and ready to last you and your family a lifetime. We can even waterproof your masonry to keep it looking like new, storm after storm.
  • Damper Repair & Replacement — Is your damper stuck, broken, rusted in place, or just not cutting it? We’re damper experts, and whether you simply need a new part or you’re ready to swap out your rusted throat damper for a drop-in damper or an energy-saving chimney cap damper, we’ve got just what you need, and we’ll repair or install your damper right.
  • Firebox Repair — Like damaged chimney flues, cracked fireboxes can be a serious hazard. As the area that actually contains the fire, it’s imperative that the firebox remain free of cracks, gaps, and holes, and that it be built of refractory mortar and firebrick or refractory panels. If you think you may have some damage in your firebox, let our team take care of it by making repairs that are both effective and attractive.
  • Smoke Chamber Parging —Smoke backing up into your home? You may need to have the smoke chamber parged smooth. This area above the firebox must be in good condition so it can effectively usher smoke and byproducts up into the flue. But many times, smoke chambers develop cracks, gaps, and rough spots. Likewise, many smoke chambers are built incorrectly, sized incorrectly, and need to be reshaped and insulated. Whatever the issue may be, we can fix it with our proven smoke chamber parging and repair products and techniques.
For all your chimney repairs, top to bottom, call on C&C Chimney. We’ve earned a reputation for excellent customer service and our clients in Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Owasso, and the neighboring areas have described us as courteous, knowledgeable, professional, thorough, punctual, clean, and reasonably priced. Find out what it’s like to work with a company that’s family-focused and committed to the ultimate customer satisfaction. Call 918-396-8296 today.


Call us right away if you suspect you have a leaky chimney. Our chimney and fireplace services professionals will find and fix the problem before the damage gets any worse.