Although cats and dogs make wonderful additions to your home, there are sometimes other uninvited animals that can cause problems. For example, birds and animals enter your home through the chimney to escape from the outdoors. Luckily, C&C Chimney of Tulsa, OK has a team of professionally trained and certified technicians who can safely remove animals from your chimney. Read below to learn more about the humane removal of animals and birds from your chimney, then give us a call at (918) 396-8296 today!

Types of Animals in Your Chimney

chimney swift in flightAnimals such as birds, bats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels love nesting in your chimney. Due to the dark interiors and protection, chimneys are a desirable resting place for animals seeking asylum from the outdoors and predators. However, animals living in your chimney can cause a variety of problems. For example, materials such as twigs and sticks from their nests are a major fire hazard. If an animal, unfortunately, passes away in your chimney, the carcass can stink up your entire home.

Chimney swifts, as their name implies, are a small bird that often nests in your chimney. They are one of the many species protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, meaning that you cannot forcibly remove them without repercussions such as a fine. Therefore, you must wait until they leave on their own accord before taking any action such as cleaning or capping your chimney.

How to Handle and Remove Animals From Your Chimney

There are many obvious signs of an animal in your chimney. One of the clearest signs is sound. If you hear any scurrying, chirping, or other sounds associated with small animals, there is likely an animal in your chimney. You also may notice unusual smells in your chimney or home. Finally, there may be animal materials falling to the bottom of your chimneys such as fur, twigs, sticks, and droppings.

As long as the animal residing in your chimney is not a chimney swift, C&C Chimney can humanely remove it while preventing any future invasions. During an annual chimney inspection, we thoroughly examine your chimney and can determine if there was or is an animal inside. We will clear any remnants such as debris or droppings. We can also take preventative measures such as installing a chimney cap. Chimney caps seal off the top of your chimney and prevent animals, debris, and water from entering your system. Not only do they keep animals out, but they extend the longevity of your chimney system at an affordable cost!

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