When even one chimney component is missing or damaged, it throws off the entire system. Your chimney will not operate anywhere close to peak efficiency, and it also jeopardizes your entire home’s safety and structural integrity. One particularly important chimney part is the cap, chimneyswhich many homeowners often forget about.

At C&C Chimney, we want to educate Tulsa homeowners about the importance of chimney caps. Read below to learn more, then give us a call at (918) 396-8296 to learn more and schedule an appointment! Our professionally trained and certified technicians can also handle any chimney cap repair, replacement, or maintenance!

What is a Chimney Cap?

The cap sits on top of your chimney and closes off the flue from any outside entrants. The four most common materials used to construct chimney caps are aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Aluminum caps are affordable, but less durable because it is a naturally softer metal. Most chimney caps were made of copper in the past, meaning they are very durable and strong. Galvanized steel caps are fairly cheap but less durable than other types. At C&C Chimney, we highly recommend stainless steel caps to all of our customers because they are the most durable and reasonably priced of all the options. Their high stability and durability is very beneficial for Tulsa homeowners, as this region of the country is known for very high winds. Some wind gusts could even be strong enough to blow off your cap, but a stainless steel cap installed by one of our professional technicians will hold strong!

The two most common types of chimneys are prefabricated and masonry, and each of these utilizes a different type of “cap” to close off the flue. Prefabricated chimneys, which means factory-built, utilize chase covers that fit over the entire top of the chimney. Masonry chimneys utilize a more traditional chimney cap that covers only the flue opening.

Why are Chimney Caps so Important?

Caps play the important role of closing off your chimney and shielding it from outside elements such as water, animals, debris, and more. When these materials enter through an uncapped chimney, they wreak havoc on your chimney system and potentially your entire home.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimney caps are the most inexpensive preventative measure homeowners can take to prevent water damage. An uncapped chimney paired with constant exposure to the rain and elements is a recipe for disaster and can easily lead to water damage and leaks. Since caps themselves are also exposed to water, they break, rust, or deteriorate over time.

Common signs of water in your chimney include a steady “drip” sound, stains on the wall or ceiling, and an unpleasant damp smell. Water damage leads to the growth of mold or mildew and can cost thousands of dollars in damages to your home and chimney. Fortunately, capping your chimney significantly reduces your risk of a chimney leak and other water damage!

A chimney cap also prevents animals from entering your chimney and home. An uncapped chimney is very inviting for an animal seeking a warm, safe, and dark place to nest. Common animals that enter chimneys include raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and chimney swifts. This causes many different problems. For example, their nesting materials can easily catch fire. There is also the unfortunate chance that the animal passes away while in your chimney, which leads to an unpleasant smell and a carcass that must be disposed of. Fortunately, we offer humane removal services should an animal enter your chimney.

Sticks, branches, leaves, and other natural debris can also enter your uncapped chimney. They can be brought in by an aforementioned animal, fall off an overhanging limb or branch, or simply blow in with a gust of wind. This is a major hazard for homeowners, as these materials can easily catch fire or block the flue. A blocked flue cannot properly ventilate smoke out of your home, which creates downdrafts and an overall dangerous and unpleasant experience when using your fireplace.

What Chimney Cap Services do we Offer?

We want Tulsa homeowners to feel safe and at ease when it comes to their chimney system. That’s why we sell, install, and maintain stainless steel chimney caps! If your cap is damaged, rusted, cracked, broken, or missing entirely, one of our technicians will install a new one! We also sell specialty caps that come with guards, screens, and help prevent drafting. If there is a specific problem with your chimney, one of our caps can help fix it!

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