This year to date, Tulsa has seen 25.78 inches of precipitation, which is significantly higher than the historical average of 15.75 inches. While the increased amount of rainfall has done wonders for your garden, it might have damaged your home. If you were not properly prepared for the increased rainfall, you might have a chimney leak. Luckily, C&C Chimney is here to help fix any existing leaks and stop new ones from occurring! Read below to learn more then give us a call at (918) 396-8296 or schedule an appointment online today!


How Do I Tell If I Have a Chimney Leak?green roof with rainy sky

There are several clear warning signs of a chimney leak and water damage. One of the most obvious signs is any rust, deterioration, flaking, or spalling on your chimney and masonry. Your chimney takes a constant beating from the elements and the masonry can wear down over time, especially with the above average amount of precipitation this year. Another flag is the sound of water dripping in your chimney or home. This is less obvious, as it can be hard to hear unless you are in close proximity to the leak itself. However, a professional technician will hear this during an inspection. Finally, there can be unsightly stains on your walls or ceiling.

If left unchecked, leaks wreak havoc on your home and chimney. For example, they lead to other costly repairs or reconstruction work in the future. Additionally, the combination of water and the dark interior of your chimney leads to mold and mildew growth. However, C&C Chimney has a solution!


Repairing and Preventing Chimney Leaks

If you notice any of the aforementioned warning signs, call a professional as soon as possible. At C&C Chimney, we have a team of trained and certified technicians standing by to help! We offer a variety of leak repair and prevention services to keep your home and family safe.

Chimney leaks are often caused by damaged or missing chimney components such as the flashing, crown, chase cover, and cap. All of these components play a crucial role in keeping water out of your chimney. The flashing is the sheet metal at the intersection of your roof and chimney. If it is loose or not present, it allows water to easily enter your chimney and home. Luckily, our technicians can seal your flashing or install an entirely new sheet. The crown, chase cover, and cap all sit near the top of your chimney, making them the first line of defense against rainfall. Over time, constant direct exposure causes them to crack or deteriorate. Our technicians can repair any of these damaged components or install entirely new parts.

In addition to our excellent repair services, we also take preventative measures to stop chimney leaks. The most important way to prevent leaks is an annual inspection. When a professional technician inspects your chimney, they identify any existing leaks or potential causes of leaks and makes any necessary repairs. Another excellent preventative measure is ChimneySaver water repellent. ChimneySaver is the industry’s gold standard in water repellent and provides a watertight membrane to keep water out of your chimney.


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