It seems like there is a day or week to celebrate just about anything. For example, National Ice Cream Day is on July 21, National Pizza Day is on February 9, and International Dog Day is August 26. An often overlooked yet very important week of celebration and observance is National Chimney Safety Week. Fortunately, C&C Chimney is here to help homeowners in Tulsa, OK celebrate National Chimney Week! Read below to learn more, then give us a call at (918) 396-8296 to schedule an appointment!

What is National Chimney Safety Week?two workers teaching fire safety

As its name entails, National Chimney Safety Week is dedicated to teaching homeowners to safely and properly use their chimney. National Chimney Safety Week takes place from September 29 to October 5, which is conveniently right before fireplace season really gets going.

Homeowners must know how to safely operate and maintain their chimneys. There are approximately 22,000 known residential chimney fires per year, but they are easily avoidable through the regular chimney maintenance and inspections.

How Can I Celebrate National Chimney Safety Week?

To properly recognize National Chimney Safety Week, schedule your annual chimney maintenance! Services such as sweepings and inspections help keep your chimney operating safely and efficiently. Fortunately, C&C Chimney has a team of professionally trained and certified technicians standing by to handle any and all chimney maintenance. In addition to sweepings and inspections, we also perform services such as chimney leak repair, chimney relining, masonry rebuild, and more! Whatever problem you have, we can fix it for you!

Schedule a Chimney Appointment Today!

Even though National Chimney Safety Week has a specific set of dates, there is no bad time to celebrate. Let C&C Chimney handle all your chimney, fireplace, masonry, and ventilation needs! Give us a call at (918) 396-8296 or schedule an appointment online today!